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Systematic Bible-reading Program

The purpose of the reading program is to guide you in a spiritually satisfying interaction with

Scripture. Just as a good diet does wonders for your body, so a daily well-balanced portion of

God's Word will refresh and work powerfully in your spirit.

If you follow the program daily, the result will be that you would have read the Old Testament

once and the New Testament twice in one year. You read an average of four chapters every day. It is

preferable to read continuously. Alternatively, you can read two chapters in the morning and two in

the evening.

The learning program is compiled and planned to take you systematically through the Holy

Scriptures. You read events as they happened, with the exception of Job and Psalms. For example,

you will find that when you read a historical passage, that along with that, you will read a specific

prophetic book or Psalms pertaining to the life of King David that specifically applies to his life events

as expressed by him in that passage. This is how you begin to get a complete picture of Scripture -

like a puzzle in which the pieces that belong together are brought together.

Read it to enjoy it and give time for reflection and meditation so that the Holy Spirit can speak to

you through Scripture. Start according to the corresponding date in the program. If you do start

today, you have taken the first step towards reading the Bible in one year.

Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You (Psalms 119:11).