The Spirit World - Hardcopy

The Spirit World - Hardcopy

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 Astonishing facts about the unseen.

The Bible has surprisingly much to say about the spirit world. The word tells us about cherubim, seraphim, living creatures and holy angels. God created a heavenly kingdom that testifies to his splendour, majesty and glory. The Bible also teaches about a specific fallen Cherub, about fallen angels and also about a fallen spirit world.

The Spirit World, with astonishing facts about the unseen, explains and illustrates with clarity what God says about the spirit world in his word.

This study answers questions such as:

- Where is heaven?

- Why did God create angels?

- Where does sin come from?

- Can I make contact with the dead?

- Is spiritual warfare a reality?

- Where do the dead spirits reside ?

- Will believers appear before the judgment seat of God?

- Is there more than one resurrection?

- Why did God create hell?