Dispensational truth  - Hardcopy

Dispensational truth - Hardcopy

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The eight covenants and eight dispensations

There is great confusion amongst many believers concerning
covenants and dispensational truth as revealed in the word of God,
the Bible.

The correct conception of the different covenants and
dispensations or teachings as to the kingdom of God in the
Scriptures, will have a tremendous influence on our understanding
of the Scriptures. The main goal of these studies in dispensational
truth, is to renew our focus on the different dispensations as shown
in the Scriptures.

Division 1: The Biblical covenants

Part 1: The Bible on covenants

  1. Covenant studies 7

  2. The meaning of the word covenant 15

  3. The old or first covenant 23

  4. The new or better covenant 29

Part 2: The different covenants

  1. The promised Seed 33

  2. The covenant with Noah 39

  3. The covenant with Abraham 43

  4. The covenant of the law 51

  5. The covenant with Joshua 75

  6. The Davidic covenant 79

  7. The post-exilic covenant 85

  8. The breaking of the old (law) covenant 87

  9. The new covenant (or rather New Testament) 91

  10. The new (future) covenant with Israel 99

Division 2 : Dispensational studies

  1. What is dispensational studies? 105

  2. The hermeneutics of dispensational studies 111

  3. Progressive revelation 113

     18. The divisions of dispensational studies 123