Revelation : a verse-by-verse commentary - Hardcopy

Revelation : a verse-by-verse commentary - Hardcopy

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A verse-by-verse commentary

In this intense and interesting book, the curtain is lifted and the future is revealed. The main purpose of the book of Revelation is to introduce the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as a comforting message to the Church. Revelation deals with the end-times and with end-time events.

Eschatology is the doctrine of the end-times regarding the final events in this world, the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to this world, the resurrection of the dead and the final judgment.

- Is there Scriptural proof that we   live in the last days?

- When will the Rapture of the  Church take place?

- When will the Second Coming

  of Jesus Christ happen?

- Will the Church be present at the time of the Great Tribulation?

- What will happen to believers  and unbelievers respectively after death?

Raymond Lombard explains in this book that there are definite and clear answers to the foregoing and many more questions, and deals with these in this publication. The answers are based on Scripture and built on the infallible word of God as the only and final source of religious truth.